Gate Web3 Startup opens free registration for 100 ALAYA NFT

spot_imgspot_img’s Gate Web3 Startup project launching platform is implementing free registration of the ALAYA NFT project, users do not need to lock assets and do not get deducted after the end. Join Thecoindesk to learn about ALAYA and how to join the event.

Introducing the ALAYA project

ALAYA is a distributed AI data platform integrating collection and labeling, derived from Swarm Intelligence and connecting community, data and artificial intelligence through a social commerce network, providing AI industry high-quality data, protection of property rights and privacy.

Alaya is powered by a gamified AI data training platform that achieves exponential growth through its built-in social recommendation engine. Community use to solve the problem of data shortage and labor shortage for AI practitioners.

Basic information of the ALAYA NFT project

Join Gate Web3 Stratup for a chance to get 1/100 ALAYA NFT for free. Photo:
  • Full English name: ALAYA
  • Icon: ALAYA
  • Total amount of NFT: 100
  • NFT Type: AI
  • Contract address: 0x2fDD4D471A1744E0318a0e49AF10508612CC36b6
  • Project official website:

Startup Registration Rules

  1. Registration Period: 2023-08-17 01:00 PM – 2023-08-21 01:00 PM (UTC+7) (Orders placed within 24 hours by eligible users will be processed fairly) .
  2. Join Link:
  3. Subscription price: 0 USDT
  4. Total number of NFTs: 100
  5. Unlock method: 100% Unlock
  6. Participation conditions: Gate Web3 wallet EVM chain assets not less than $1 to participate in registration
  7. Buying Limit: Users can only buy once, the higher the amount in the EVM chain of Gate Web3 wallet, the higher the probability of receiving the airdrop.

Thecoindesk has an article on how to join Gate Web3 Startup, which readers can view here.

Notes when joining Gate Web3 Startup

The Startup project is a blockchain project, still in its infancy. Project operations, the underlying technology of the project, and the regulatory environment may present significant risks.

Understanding blockchain projects, and assessing their risks, requires technical and financial knowledge.

Affected by technology, laws, markets and other factors, the price of the project you are participating in can fluctuate wildly, the price may decrease or increase significantly.

Due to the underlying technical technology of the project or due to the exchange, the projects you participate in may not be able to withdraw in full or in part.

Virtual currency projects are high risk. Cryptocurrency prices are very volatile. The project side has not set up escrow and does not provide any commitment and issue price.

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