Introducing Venture Farming Corp.: Maximize Airdrop Profits and Avoid Sybil


The allure of airdrops from blockchain projects has captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community. Yet, not everyone possesses the necessary criteria to become a true “airdrop farmer.” Meeting the increasing demand for intelligent and efficient participation in airdrops, Venture Farming Corp. (VFC) emerges as a solution to seize valuable opportunities. Let’s delve into this group’s dynamics and explore the value they bring to the airdrop community.

Venture Farming Corp.: A Treasure Trove of Airdrops and Sybil Strategies

Venture Farming Corp. (VFC) stands as a leading provider of airdrop strategies for today’s top projects, effectively warding off Sybil attacks while saving users’ time. In recent years, VFC has harnessed its expertise to farm airdrops and build a community in Eastern Europe. Now, they extend their operations globally.

Airdrops – Among the Least Risky Fields in Crypto

Airdrops offer limitless profit potential, with many individuals in Vietnam having their fortunes transformed through successful airdrop participation.

While airdrops offer untold profits, effective farming requires in-depth knowledge of blockchain, account management, and a host of other tricks. The VFC team consists of researchers who scout out new projects and identify the best ways to interact for optimal rewards.

VFC’s Past Achievements

The numbers tell the story. The VFC team has been collaborating for several years, but in 2022, they truly focused on airdrop services, with key figures including:

  • Monthly trading volume: 83 ETH
  • Total customers since 2022: 207
  • Managed wallets: 2321
  • Team members: 23
  • Total activities: 8806

VFC regularly updates its project interaction progress, adapting to market developments and demands. Here are the primary projects that VFC is currently involved with: LayerZero, zkSync Era, Starknet, MetaMask, Linea, Orbiter, Polygon zkEVM…

Placing Airdrop Strategies

Placing an order is straightforward using VFC’s order form. However, readers can also contact them through Telegram.

Once you place an order through the form or Telegram, the process unfolds as follows:

For orders utilizing standard settings

VFC confirms the order and contacts the user. The VFC team processes the order (around 2 weeks) and sends the user a spreadsheet containing all the account information to continue interacting with the project.

For orders utilizing secure VPS settings

  1. VFC confirms the order and contacts the user.
  2. VFC team supports users in setting up VPS. This includes:
  • Create an ETH wallet using CoinTool
  • Adspower account setup ($20)
  • VPS server setup ($20-60)
  • Access the prepared VPS server and import the secret keys from CoinTool. The secret key file will then be deleted before re-granting access to the VFC member.

Distinct Sybil Prevention Method

VFC evaluates capital and business environments, in addition to conducting detailed statistical research on each blockchain. To enhance airdrop reception odds, VFC implements wallet protection measures to avoid being flagged by projects. Each action and amount is unique, ensuring no two wallets interact similarly.

What sets VFC apart is their commitment to wallet security and results obtained. VFC ensures that no fraudulent actions are taken for short-term gains that could adversely affect customer reputation.

With the goal of continuously enhancing service quality and expanding the global community, Venture Farming Corp. remains committed to becoming a premier platform for airdrop farming and supporting potential blockchain projects.

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