In the past two days, Offchain Labs has reallocated 142.6 million ARB tokens to 16 addresses.

Monitored by Spot On Chain, the wallet address of Offchain Labs, the development team behind Arbitrum, starting with 0x1e70, has redistributed 142.6 million ARB tokens (approximately $165.5 million) to 16 addresses within the past two days. Specifically, 10 wallets hold a total of 106.5 million ARB tokens (approximately $123.6 million), while 4 wallets have returned 50.1 million ARB tokens (approximately $58.1 million) to Offchain Labs, with the wallet address starting with 0x06fe transferring 15,000 ARB tokens (approximately $17,400) to Binance.

Additionally, Offchain Labs has reclaimed 96.85 million ARB tokens (approximately $112.4 million) from 8 addresses and sent ARB tokens to those addresses between May 19th and 25th to facilitate this reallocation.


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